thought distillery.


first drafts are the realest but also never fit to print.

impossible not to love this nordic girl

on texting

do people actually care about the “x minutes read” thing? on a good day, i take hours. often, it’s days. maybe that’s my problem.

why do i bother getting mad about traffic? it exists. i am powerless over it.

i need to be a better person.

kill the light

there will never be a point in my life where getting into the occasional, random argument on the internet doesn’t entertain me.

people value knowledge and skill, but not so much the time and effort it takes to develop.

how the hustle works

get pissed for a bit. get it out of your system. then get to work.

on change management

you can’t change an organisation if its members refuse to accept criticism. at its core, change management’s success is how much you value someone’s hurt feelings over the good of the organisation. some people argue that delivering criticism is an issue of communications – i argue some people just cannot handle criticism in any form.

stay young, get stoned

brands are just projections. when people become brands, everything is manufactured and nothing is real.

on sex

when i say “i’m not interested in a relationship” and she says “that’s cool” and actually means it.

nobody actually thinks they’re below average. isn’t that fucked up?

you know why blogging will always be a thing in some form or other? because sometimes you just wanna say stuff, but not at anyone in particular.

i also feel guilty for feeling guilty for being a dude. this shit does not end.

man, sometimes i feel guilty just being a dude.

why this exists.

i put “the stuff” here where it doesn’t fit anywhere else in my life – professional, personal, you know. i was going to write a 50 000 word long treatise and then i thought about it and remembered i’ve always half-assed every opportunity so long as the end results were satisfactory.

some things remain eternal: single women in their 30s say and do weird shit when you’re too busy watching sports to pay attention.

note to self

blog more. tweet less.

i’d probably be happier if i was better at throwing other people under the bus

today was one of those days that really made me question my own personal view that i’m a generally disorganised person.

but i’ve come to realise that i actually do have my shit together.

and this is why people dump incomplete, poorly managed, bits and pieces of information at me and i have to somehow put it together in a way that makes sense.

till sunrise


it’s an hour past midnight, january 1.

you both stumble into the nearest mcdonald’s and that’s where you learn that she eats her mcnuggets with big mac sauce.

it’s not until much later that you realise it’s a meaningless moment like that where it starts.

on human traffic

i used to date this girl who’d say “biro” instead of “pen”. i thought it was the cutest fucking thing.

like all the best relationships i’ve ever had, i let things drift between her and i. it’s almost how crazy how quickly that space can grow, and for no reason at all other than the passage of time.

i never mourned the end of our relationship. instead, i mourned the one we never got to have.